State government operates throughout the state for construction, maintenance and repairs of all infrastructures including Roads, Bridges and Buildings of state government from civil works Budget and Deposit and centrally sponsored scheme of Central Government agencies..
In general, the functions of APPWD are as follows :-

  • Planning, Designing, construction and maintenance of state government non-residential buildings.
  • Planning, Construction and maintenance of residential accommodation meant for state government employees.
  • Construction and maintenance of district roads.
  • Construction and maintenance of roads financed from Centrally sponsored NEC schemes
  • Technical control over the Public Works
  • Construction works for some Central government department and Public Sector undertaking not having their Civil Engineering Organisations as deposit works.
  • Providing of consultancy services in planning, designing and construction of buildings, roads and other allied projects.
  • Construction of Arunachal Bhawans and Guest Houses outside the state